Hotmail Login - Hotmail Sign in

Although Hotmail login today has been surpassed by Gmail, and it is no longer popular as well as influential as the first days, Hotmail login still exists as a regular habit of millions of people around the world by usability features and attractive services provided by hotmail to users.


Hotmail is also one of the earliest and long existed webmail services in the world. Therefore, despite facing with the great competition from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and many other Gmail services, Hotmail login is still a reputable and popular website for many people.

The features of Hotmail login

Hotmail has a lot of improvements in terms of features which bring to users more interaction, flexibility, ease of use and safety. Among them the following may be mentioned:

Great integration capability: Login Hotmail integrates extensively with many other services of Windows Live. Users can see a list of contacts in Windows Live Messenger to know whether they are online or not and talk to them right in Hotmail. The integration with Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Contacts provides the ability of information in terms of automatically updated contacts, and notification of updated Spaces. Windows Live Calendar will also be integrated when Hotmail interface is completed; MSN Calendar is currently being used.


Flexible and quite bright interface.

Confidentiality: With Hotmail Login users will find this is a webmail which has robust security and safety. Hotmail always checks emails with deceptive practices and warns to users. At the same time files with unsafe type are also locked.

Spell check while drafting: the feature seen in the new interface of drafting, which is similar to the check function in Microsoft Office application.

Color board: Hotmail allows users to select colors of webmail page. Each time of Hotmail login the color will be automatically updated at the selection.

Login Hotmail 

Time is a precious asset to anyone, in any era. In today’s modern society, time becomes more valuable than ever. Therefore, users when using this webmail service can also log in Hotmail to save time and eliminate unnecessary worries.

To log in Hotmail, users have many options. You can access to Hotmail, then enter your account information and password, select “Keep me logged in” and Hotmail as normal. In this way, users only need to enter the password once to be able to log in Hotmail for the next times.


Another way which is also quite simple and effective is to go to options in your browser settings (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) and choose to save the password for your website.

Users can also log in Hotmail on mobile devices or tablets by directly accessing to Hotmail address or downloading the application directly to your device for more convenient and easy access.


Today, email has become a working and communication tool which is indispensable in the lives of many people. So, there is nothing better that you Sign in Hotmail and experience the features brought by this most popular and prestigious webmail service right now.